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Large-Scale Structural Testing Facility

Summary:  The large-scale structural testing facility will have a 40 x 80 feet reaction floor with a clearance of 40 feet, providing researchers the ability to test real-size structural systems and components.  The reaction floor will have a thickness of at least 3 feet, with a service chase and 3 feet thick walls underneath, conforming Read More


Downtown Campus Redevelopment

Facilities is managing a substantial list of projects to re-purpose and renovate space throughout the DTC.


Science and Engineering Building (SEB)

Summary: The project consists of approximately 140,000 gross square feet spread across four stories. The building will provide for classrooms, faculty offices, and science and engineering research and instructional laboratories, and is part of the University’s strategic plan for providing state-of-the-art space for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education and research.


North Paseo Building (NPB)

Summary: The project consists of approximately 180,000 gross square feet consisting of five stories with complimentary existing architecture style and design standards. The building houses administrative staff offices currently located of campus. The lower levels of the building will be occupied by academic functions, which include research labs, lecture halls, and classrooms.