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Project Management Fees
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In FY 2010 the Campus Management and Operations committee (CMO) approved an increase in the institutionally managed project management fee from 3% of Construction Cost to 4% of Total Project Cost. The change was necessary to sustain appropriate project management staffing levels to effectively manage projects being constructed on campus.

If you have any questions relating to the approved increase in the project management fee, please contact Facilities
Work Control at 458-4262.

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Shop Rates
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The UTSA Facilities reimbursable shop rates schedule for fiscal year 2016 will be effective September 1, 2015. The new rates reimburse Facilities for the cost of providing departmental services. Departmental services are those for which Facilities does not receive a budget allocation and therefore must be funded by the requesting department.

Shop rates are based on the actual average pay and benefits of Facilities employees performing the work. Work performed during non-regular hours is billed at one and a half times the regular shop rate. Rates include the cost of labor, fringe benefits, and a $2-per hour incidental charge for consumable supplies such as nails, bolts, and hand tools that cannot be easily charged to individual work orders.

Modest shop rate increases will occur for all areas except Events and Setups, which will remain the same.

For additional information, go to Service Guidelines

FY 15
FY 16
Hourly Rate
Hourly Rate
            Auto Shop
            Maintenance & Operations

For more information on the new FY16 shop rates, contact Belinda Dovalina (458-6317).

What is included in the proposed rate?
The rate includes the actual average hourly labor, and fringe benefits Facilities pays to employees in each of the five shop rate areas. In addition, a nominal charge is added for consumable supplies such as nuts, bolts, screws, and nails that cannot be easily charged to individual work orders. No other billing mark-ups are charged to our customers.

How does the new rate compare to others?
The proposed hourly rates are substantially lower than equivalent local service providers. Some examples of local service provider rates include but are not limited to:
     · Carpenters $65
     · Electricians $75
     · Auto Shop $60
Although institutional approaches to charging shop rates vary significantly from university to university, as do wages and benefits, UTSA Facilities shop rates are comparable to other UT System academic institutions.

How often will these rates change?
Shop rates are reviewed annually and adjusted for changes in salary and benefits actually paid to Facilities employees doing the work.

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