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AET and SEB: Higher Humidity Levels and Temperature Fluctuations

(August 17, 2020) – UPDATE: Boiler #1 is operational with room temperatures and humidity levels returning to normal. Due to the length of the outage, there may be an isolated temperature or humidity problem that still exists that is unrelated to the outage. If you are still experiencing abnormal temperatures or humidity levels, please contact the Facilities Service Center at (210) 458-4262.

(August 3, 2020) – Occupants of the Applied Engineering and Technology Building (AET) and the Science and Engineering Building (SEB) may experience higher than normal humidity levels or fluctuations in temperature due to problems with the South Thermal Energy Plant boilers. The boilers, which help regulate humidity and temperatures, are down for emergency repairs. We will send an update notification when the repairs are completed. For additional information, please contact the Facilities Service Center at (210) 458-4262.