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Main Campus: Simplex Master Clock – Campus Clock Outage

(November 16, 2020) – UPDATE: The master clock has been repaired and campus clocks should reflect the correct time. Our Operations team is performing a clock audit to identify and correct clocks not working properly after the master clock repair. Clocks identified during the audit will be repaired as soon as possible. If you notice a clock that is not showing the correct time, we ask that you report it to the Facilities Service Center at (210) 458-4262.

(November 2, 2020) – With the change from Daylight Savings Time this past weekend, many of the clocks on campus did not automatically move back one hour due to an electrical malfunction. This clock outage is affecting all digital and analog clocks at the JPL, MB, MH, FLN, SU, HSU, BOS, RWC, CONVO, IAB, BSB, BSE, AET, ART, SRL, UOB and BSA.  Facilities is currently working to resolve the issue.  We will send a follow-up notification when the repair is complete.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  For additional information, please contact the Facilities Service Center at 458-4262.