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Senior Executive Team

Improving the Physical Environment

Building Leadership

The Office of Facilities is responsible for the maintenance, repair, upkeep, remodeling, alterations, and additions to all university physical facilities, regardless of scope. This includes the general structures; mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems; infrastructure including fire and life safety systems, roads, grounds, landscape and hardscape; and equipment and modular furniture systems that affect building systems.

Day-to-day building operations provided by Facilities also include essential services, such as providing utilities, emergency power at designated facilities, operation of central heating and cooling plants, and 24-hour first response to facility issues.

Facilities is led by the Associate Vice President for Facilities and organized into five departments:

  • Business and Customer Services
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Planning
  • Project Management

Facilities is your partner for successful solutions and strives to deliver first-class service to the university community.

Our Team

  • Paul Goodman, PE, MBA

    Associate Vice President for Facilities

    (210) 458-4268

  • Luis Borrero, PE

    Assistant Vice President for Facilities, Operations and Maintenance

    (210) 458-5254

  • Benjamin Perry, AIA

    University Architect

    (210) 458-4935

  • Belinda Dovalina, CPA, CEFP

    Director, Business and Customer Services

    (210) 458-6317

  • Kathryn Pearson, PE

    Director, Project Management

    (210) 458-4803

  • Rene Colunga, PE

    Director, Energy and Utilities

    (210) 458-5279

  • Mike Merada, PE

    Director, Operations and Maintenance

    (210) 458-5259