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Employee Spotlight Series: Andrew Goodenough has dedicated over 14 years to UTSA Facilities

Andrew Goodenough has dedicated over 14 years to UTSA Facilities

(May 7, 2021) –  As a project manager, Andrew oversees construction, renovation, repair, and maintenance projects. His role includes working with contractors, vendors, and building customer relations to ensure each project is right on track.

To this day, and over 100 projects later, Andrew is still as passionate about what he does and is excited to spearhead his favorite project of all time. He is currently working on the Pilot Classroom Project, a new initiative that will transform classrooms with new academic technology and furniture.

He says this has been his favorite project because of the existing challenge to retrofit academic technology into an existing space. His goal is to create new pathways for audiovisual equipment in an old infrastructure. Andrew says, “it’s like building a puzzle backwards”

Despite challenging projects like the Pilot Classroom Project, his supervisor, Project Management Director Kathryn Pearson says, “Andrew has amazing customer service skills. He is patient and works tirelessly to ensure clients are happy with their renovation projects.”

Aside from being a dedicated Project Manager, Andrew enjoys spending time with his kids and is passionate about running. When we say passionate, that may be an understatement because he has qualified for the Boston Marathon five times.

If Andrew isn’t running a marathon or spending time with his kids, you can find him playing with his two kittens while watching The Office and enjoying some good ole BBQ or Mexican food.

In the near future, you might find him busy traveling to Antarctica, the only one of seven continents that Andrew has not yet visited.