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Facilities iService Desk – Your Gateway to Facilities Support

(April 2, 2018) – The Facilities iService Desk is an electronic work request system that allows customers to submit and track their service requests online.  University employees and students can use the iService Desk to submit requests for non-emergency services provided by Facilities, such as building maintenance, event services, housekeeping support, moving furniture, room temperature adjustments, and more.  By using the iService Desk, customers expedite the processing of their request and have the ability to track the status of their work order through a “Search by Number” function or work order “Queries.”

Although the iService Desk is easy to use, Facilities collaborated with Human Resources to create an online course that provides customers the information needed to submit a Facilities service request form.  Upon completion of the 20-minute course, customers should be able to identify where the iService Desk is located, recall how to submit a work request, select the proper work request form, and track the status of the work request via the iService Desk.  To access the course, AM0587 – Facilities iService Desk, please visit MyTraining Online at

To submit your next request for non-emergency service, please visit the Facilities iService Desk.  For more information about Facilities services, please visit their webpage at

iService Desk – Welcome Screen

iService Desk – Work Request Option Screen