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Facilities saves big with LED light upgrades!

(November 27, 2019) – In July and August of 2019, the Office of Facilities initiated its first mass relamping project to replace fluorescent bulbs to LED bulbs.  With a bulk purchase discount and a CPS rebate, the university was able to purchase 11,000 LED bulbs that normally retail at $6.99 each for only $0.75.  This resulted in a total savings of $68,640 for UTSA.  The LED bulbs were installed in the Flawn Building, the Main Building, and the Business Service Annex.  This resulted in a 109,200 kWh reduction in electricity per month, with a saving of $7,862 in utility costs during the same period.  The new LED bulbs are expected to last twice as long as the fluorescent bulbs, further reducing the cost of bulb replacement.  All of the old fluorescent bulbs were recovered, packed, and shipped for recycling.  With the success of this project, Facilities is planning to expand its effort in mass relamping in the near future.

New LED Lighting in FLN

LED Lighting being unloaded from delivery truck