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FY17 Shop Rates

Shop Rates

The UTSA Facilities reimbursable shop rates for fiscal year 2017 will be effective September 1, 2016. The new rates reimburse Facilities for the cost of providing departmental services. Departmental services are those for which Facilities does not receive a budget allocation and therefore must be funded by the requesting department.

Shop rates are based on the actual average pay and benefits of the Facilities employees performing the work. Work performed during non-regular hours is billed at one and a half times the regular shop rate. Rates include the cost of labor, fringe benefits, and a $2.00 per hour incidental charge for consumable supplies such as nails, bolts, and hand tools that cannot be easily charged to individual work orders.

Auto Shop
Events & Setups
Maintenance & Operations
FY16 hourly rate
FY17 hourly rate


For more information on the new FY17 shop rates, please contact Belinda Dovalina at 458-6317.