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MH Building Custodial Services Transfers to ABM, effective February 17, 2020

(February 12, 2020) – Effective February 17, 2020, custodial services for the McKinney Humanities (MH) Building will be transferred from the UTSA Housekeeping staff to ABM, the university-contracted custodial services provider. ABM currently provides custodial services to the majority of the campus and assumes responsibility for additional buildings, such as the MH, when Facilities loses employees through normal attrition and there is insufficient UTSA staff to maintain the building properly.

ABM will perform standard custodial services such as vacuuming, mopping, cleaning of restrooms and classrooms, removal of trash from classrooms and common areas, etc. However, similar to UTSA Housekeeping services, ABM will not remove trash from offices. Employees are expected to take their personal trash to the nearest recycling and trash containers located in common areas or breakrooms in support of the University’s mini-bin program. To learn more about the University’s mini-bin program initiated in 2013, please visit our Environmental Management webpage at

ABM employees will shadow UTSA staff February 12-14, 2020 to ensure the transition is seamless to building occupants. If you have any questions about this transfer of responsibility, please contact the Facilities Service Center at 458-4262.