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Minor Project

In accordance with the Handbook of Operating Procedures, Chapter 8, any modification, alteration, or addition to the physical structure of a UTSA owned or leased facility, regardless of the funding source, must be performed by Facilities.


Minor Project Request

Minor Project Examples

  • Add electrical outlets
  • Build a custom bookcase
  • Install whiteboard
  • Minor renovations
  • Paint walls out of normal cycle
  • Replace carpets out of normal cycle



  • 1.

    Select the orange “Minor Project Request” button

  • 2.

    Complete the “Minor Project Request” form. All fields in RED are required. Please provide as much detail as possible in the “Request” field.

    • Please provide a valid Cost Center with funding available to cover the expenses.
    • If the request affects and/or alters the use, physical layout, or size of any room or space, please provide the approved Space Request number assigned by Facilities Space Management.

  • 3.

    Click “Submit” once you have completed the form.

  • 4.

    A confirmation page will be displayed after you submit the request.

  • 5.

    The Facilities Service Center (FSC) will process your request and send you an e-mail with your Work Order number.

  • 6.

    A Facilities representative will contact you to schedule a visit and confirm the scope of work.

  • 7.

    Once the scope of work is determined, FSC will send you a cost estimate for approval.

  • 8.

    Upon approval of the estimate, Facilities will schedule the work to begin.

  • 9.

    You can monitor the progress of your Work Order by using the “Search by Number” feature of the Facilities iService Desk.

  • 10.

    When the Work Order is complete, you will receive an email notification and an invitation to complete a customer satisfaction survey.

    For additional information or assistance, please contact the Facilities Service Center at FacilitiesServiceCenter@utsa.edu or 458-4262.