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UTSA-owned artwork must be moved only by designated staff

(May 30, 2018) – If you’re moving to another office, and there is UTSA-owned artwork on the walls, don’t pack the art or move it yourself. If you want the artwork in your office changed, don’t take it down yourself…contact the pros.

Art may not be removed from and moved within the UTSA campuses without advanced approval from the UTSA Art Collection curator and the capital asset manager. According to university policy, only authorized personnel designated by The UTSA Art Collection Department can pack and transport UTSA-owned art.

The UTSA Art Collection Department acquires, distributes and positions art for public display. They distribute art to the Main, Downtown and HemisFair Park campuses for the benefit and enjoyment of all visitors, faculty, staff and students. (Texas Folklife Festival posters are not considered part of the Collection.)

Attempting to remove artwork by unauthorized staff members can cause damage to valuable artwork and to the wall. If the positioning becomes insecure and presents a risk of damage or theft, the art curator should be notified immediately to have the situation remedied.

To determine if artwork in your area is university-owned or to make arrangements to relocate or secure it, call or email Arturo Infante Almeida, UTSA art specialist and UTSA Art Collection Curator, at 210-458-4983.