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2016 APPA Award for Excellence



The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) is a thriving young institution on the brink of becoming a “Tier-One” research-intensive university, with a student enrollment of nearly 30,000 students, and 5.4M gross square feet of physical plant. The UTSA Office of Facilities (Facilities) has led the complete transformation of campus facilities and infrastructure and helped create a modern, dynamic university. Since 2012, when UTSA Facilities first sought external evaluation using commercial assessment software, followed by an in-depth APPA Facility Management Evaluation Program (FMEP) assessment, UTSA Facilities has continued to improve in all areas, and we believe we have progressed to a very high level of facility excellence.

UTSA’s Facilities team has overcome a multitude of environmental, logistical, staffing, funding, process, and other challenges to become a high performance facilities organization with goals closely aligned with those of the institution. UTSA Facilities has been strategic in planning and executing this transformation; using a lean and functionally efficient organizational structure, hiring and retaining outstanding leaders and staff, building excellent processes, implementing critical performance metrics, completing improvement initiatives, and providing first-class facilities and infrastructure.

We welcome the opportunity to compete for the 2016 APPA Award for Excellence!