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Campus Services Focuses on the Environment

Campus Services is involved in numerous programs aimed at minimizing their effect on the environment.

UTSA Dining offers excellent sustainability initiatives.  Environmental sustainability is a fundamental part of the team’s mission, guiding how they operate.  They reduce their environmental impact through practices that enrich and support the natural environment.  Local purchasing, recycling, reusable to-go containers, and fryer oil recycling are some of the ways UTSA Dining works to make campus environmentally conscious.  Here are a few more:

  • Policies regarding food waste are in place to account for responsible portioning and to reduce waste at all stages of the dining process, from preparation to service.
  • UTSA Dining is working to improve labeling on recycling and trash receptacles in the JPL food court, providing more information on what can be recycled.
  • Pending additional coordination with Civic Engagement, UTSA Dining is looking into offering “Recycling Ambassador” volunteer opportunities to assist customers in identifying which materials are destined for a landfill and which are destined for reuse.
  • Customers can decline printed receipts to reduce paper use.
  • By serving food on dishware instead of trays, the Roadrunner Café minimizes water use.
  • More information is on the Campus Dish website.

Campus Services’ shuttle-bus service, called The ‘Runner, helps people reduce gas usage: a savings of 2,074,136 miles in 2016 alone.  Their programs reduced CO2 emissions by 710 metric tons.  Recently installed rooftop air conditioning on one of the shuttles provides reduced engine idle time.

Rowdy Campus Store

  • As part of recent remodels at Rowdy Campus Store locations, LED lights were installed where possible.
  • Customers can opt for e-books when available to reduce paper use.


  • Vending services utilize energy efficient equipment.
  • When feasible, internal lamps in vending machines are disengaged to reduce energy use, so long as existing overhead lighting provides ample visibility.

Parking Garages

  • Campus parking garages are equipped with motion sensor LED lighting to reduce energy consumption.
  • Campus Services is exploring the feasibility of adding solar panels to the Tobin Avenue Garage.

Campus Services Employees

  • Campus Services representatives are researching options to expand the carpool program on campus.
  • Campus Services employees opt to walk to on-campus meetings rather than drive whenever possible to reduce our carbon footprint.