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Facilities Acts Fast to Restore A/C to MH Building

(1 May, 2017) – – The Facilities Operations & Maintenance department quickly mobilized on April 20 in response to a failed 200 horsepower motor that runs an air handler unit, which provides cooling for nearly one third of the McKinney Humanities building.  Crews from the E&G and Research Zones collaborated to carefully remove the old unit and replace it with a new 1,500-pound motor.  The team’s rapid response ensured that full air conditioning was restored, within hours, to this vital classroom building.  Thanks to the dedicated Facilities staff for their excellent teamwork and quick response during this unexpected event.

 Brent Tyroff ( E&G)
Ed Celaya (Research)
Eugene Alexander (Research)
Robert Lozano (Research)
James Pendleton(E&G)
John Bray (E&G)
Carlos Sandate (E&G)
Mark Edsall (Research)
Albert Parvin (Research)
Michael Cole (E&G)

New AHU Motor Installed at MH Building