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Facilities Supports Atmospheric Research Projects

(June 16, 2017) – Over the summer a group of scientists from The University of Texas at Austin, the University of Houston, Baylor University, Rice University, St. Edward’s University, and Aerodyne Research Inc., will be at UTSA to work on an atmospheric research projects.  The Main Campus was selected as the host site because of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s (TCEQ) interest in San Antonio’s air quality.  The two projects will run from May until September and include air quality measurements and the launching of weather balloons containing ozone instruments.  Dr. Hatim Sharif of UTSA and his students collaborated with St. Edward’s to launch some of the balloons.

Facilities contributed significantly by preparing a site near Brackenridge Lot 5 to locate a trailer laboratory and equipment.  They collaborated with Campus Services to allocate parking spaces for the projects and provided administrative, grounds maintenance, and logistical support.  Additional work included the layout and pouring of concrete pads, welding of a distribution rack, and the design and installation of electrical service.  The following Facilities employees were instrumental in providing support to the research teams.

John Yarbrough, Alfonzo Villarreal, Andrew Jackson, Joe Reyes, Juan Villarreal, George Martinez, Joe Alderete, Arthur Perez, Juan Sandoval, Mark Vale, Matt May, Brent Tyroff, Omar Sierra, Simon Perez, Freddie Robinson and Lani Cabico.