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Fiscal Services Has New Dedicated Wait Area

(February 1, 2018) – The JPL corridor leading to the loading dock has served many purposes over the years including as a Fiscal Services waiting area, but thanks to a recent Facilities renovation project they now have a new dedicated area. Students no longer have to wait in the narrow corridor that was usually too hot or cold and busy with deliveries. The new wait area, located on the opposite side of the elevator bank, provides students a much quieter and private space for waiting and interacting with cashiers and staff.

Devin Fitzpatrick, Facilities E&PM Project Coordinator, kept Fiscal Services open during major construction last summer and coordinated the new space sharing arrangements with three adjacent departments. Renovations consisted of changes to the layout, new ceilings and carpet, millwork and paint. One exciting feature of the project was the new furniture that was specifically designed to fit the unique spaces. According to Devin, “this project could not have been a success without such a great customer – Fiscal Services and their staff.”