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RWC: Construction of New Pool Facility
Construction of the new RWC pool facility including a new lap pool, leisure pool and landscape is scheduled to begin on September 10, 2015 with expected completion by July 11, 2016. Approximately sixty-six (66) commuter parking spaces located south-west of the RWC in Brackenridge Avenue Parking Lot 2 and the area leading up to Rattlesnake Hill will be closed-off by a construction fence to accommodate the mobilization of a project trailer, portable toilets and staging of equipment/supplies. This area will remain closed for the duration of the project and will reopen once the project has been completed in July 2016. For additional information please reference the attached drawing or contact Facilities Work Control at 458-4262.

Tri-Campus Elevators: State Required Annual Testing
Elevators located throughout the tri-campus will be shut-down one at a time for approximately thirty minutes each between August 17, 2015 and August 31, 2015 for annual inspection as required by the State of Texas. Buildings with only one elevator including the Athletics Complex, BOS, CC, PE, PNB, TAG, HEB UC3, and the DTC Garage will not have elevator service for the duration of the inspection: due to the type (hydraulic), these elevators will only need to be shut-down for twenty minutes. Facilities staff will be on-site to assist as necessary and signage will be posted on elevators prior to the start of each inspection. For additional information contact Facilities Work Control at 458-4262.

1604 Campus: Natural Gas Shut-down for Required Testing
Natural gas to a number of buildings on the Main Campus (1604) will be shut-down, in small segments/time-frames, for testing as mandated by the State Fire Marshal between August 3, 2015 and the end of October 2015. The shut-down will affect comfort heating, domestic hot water, autoclaves, kitchen equipment using natural gas and emergency generators to these buildings/areas. The exact dates and times of each shut-down, including a weekend twelve hour shut-down of natural gas service to the core campus buildings, will be coordinated with occupants of each building prior to shut-down and testing. Only natural gas will be impacted by this testing. All other u tilities including compressed gas will remain operational and available for use.

For a complete list of buildings, see the Facilities Construction Notices page.

For additional information contact Facilities Work Control at 458-4262.

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